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Women's inspirational t-shirt

Women's Hippie Dippy Flowy Tee

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An Inspirational T-shirt Every Woman can Love! There's just something special about letting your hair down and getting in touch with your inner Wild Woman. The connection to all that is and was and will be sends shivers of excitement down the spine. 

Our Hippie Dippy inspirational t-shirt expresses how one may feel when they slip their feet onto cold, wet grass, or when nothing but air on skin will feed the soul. 

Express yourself in this soft and flowy muscle tee that is great for a day on the beach or an hour on the mat, or just about anything else!

Humanitee has a beautiful collection of soft tees with powerful messages (even the 'hippie dippie' tee, which I own, creates a laidback and easygoing vibe) - I always look forward to wearing it! ~ Katherine