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What are we here for if not to be a support to one another?

Hi, we're Paula and Zoe, mother and daughter, life-loving spirits, two humans who want to bring more light into the world. This is the vision for HumaniTee Brand: to bring a smile to your face and to invite conversation that connects us as humans rather than separates us. For decades, fashion has been a source of strong statements, and there is still a lot to say. Our statement apparel is inspired by the belief that, while we can't all march every day, we can "wear our heart on our sleeve." 

Words are Cheap

How can we say that when we design products with words? We say it because words are meant to hit a mark. Too often, we fail to do this. When words hit a mark, they create a result. There are two results we wish to achieve.

One is to spread more love and joy with apparel that makes people smile - and maybe makes them think, and maybe makes them be kinder to themselves and to others

The other is to put action behind our mission. We do this by supporting amazing organizations that align with our desire to make an impact on humanity and on Mother Earth.

We are proud to support the Sierra Club, started in our own backyard of Sunny California.  

Additional support is directed to Together Rising and the wonderful work they do for children and families across the globe.Love Flash Mob, anyone?

When you purchase HumaniTee Brand, you become a supporter, too. 


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