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women's tank

Badass Goddess Flowy High-Neck Tank

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Women and snakes. Not what you might expect to go hand-in-hand, except when dealing with a goddess.

Figurines discovered in Crete in 1903 raise our awareness of what came to be known as the Minoan Snake Goddess. These figurines date back to 1700-1450 BCE. What they represent is another side of the woman-snake tale. In ancient folklore, the snake represented earth, birth, and wisdom. In their time, these figurines of women and snakes represented that admiration existed for a strong, unique female deity.

Being a badass goddess means owning your divinity and your power. It means recognizing that you are a part of the earth, that you birth whatever you'd like, and that you have the wisdom to decide what is right for you in this life. 

This high-neck tank is made with 65% poly and 35% viscose for a soft and flowy fit. A back seam adds a hint of something different.  

That difference doesn't end with a sassy back seam. This tank is made here in the U.S. in a sewing and cutting room powered by solar energy. The manufacturing site is also WRAP certified, demonstrating a commitment to ethical, humane, and lawful processing practices.