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Never Alone {All for All Always}


Do you live with a full sense of belonging, or do you not (yet) have your hive around you? This particular passage from "Diana, Herself" still doesn't pass through my mind without prompting a wellspring of emotion:

"The hive within you is better now, but we can't find the hive around you. You feel as if you are a hive of just one bee." 

Just one. In a world of over 1 billion people, it's so easy to feel alone, isn't it? That feeling of separateness, of alarming individuality, can begin to grow easily in childhood. It did for me. Something deep inside the heart tells us that we need a collective. But we don't buzz around a hive that feels safe and familiar. At least not all of us. Judging by what I see and read and hear, I would say a good number of us fluttered about trying to find a hive into which we fit; differences and uniqueness and all. Maybe many of us still are. 

The drive to belong is so, so strong. It can make us into something we're not. Herein lies the danger of the worst kind of disconnect - disconnection from our truest self. Some spend years in this rut of "de-selfing". Don't let it be you. 

Have you ever heard the saying "You won't be everyone's cup of tea"? Take that to heart. Think of how god-awful BORING it is to not live in the fullest expression of yourself! 

So what if "those" people (you know, the ones you've been trying to please) don't have the particular palate to handle your flavor. There are those who do!  The way to find them is to go inside. To get to know who you really are. To embrace your wild nature. From that place of being, your wings can take you to the hive; the tribe in which you belong. 

"'Myself?' she whispers, 'am I finally going crazy?'

'No, precious Piglet,' says the boar gently. 'You're finally going wild'



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