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supporting kindness everywhere


Love, love, LOVE my HumaniTee Brand t-shirts! I have two of the styles offered (so far!) and both are excellent quality ... drapey fit, lightweight fabric, not stiff like some mass produced items can be. Their designs come from the hearts of the beautiful mother-daughter team and touch on what our world is needing today. Service goes above and beyond, providing information and working to make things "right" for the customer. Couldn't be more pleased and plan to continue adding to my collection in the future.


HumaniTee brand is one of my favorite clothing companies. Their products are great quality, so comfy and soft! Plus quick shipping and a personalized note. The owners are amazing and truly put their love and soul into each and every design. My favorite right now is Love Your Mother and my next purchase is going to be badass goddess!!

When you’re buying an item, you’re not just buying it to wear, you’re supporting their message. People don’t realize that simple kindness goes a long way. Support this company and relay that message of love and kindness.


I love that your shirts inspire kindness and remind us all that we are all in "this" together. Your shirts are so soft you'd want to wear them around the house, but at the same time, you want others to see them so you can spread some love around! 

Jennifer L.

Absolutely amazing I love the shirt so much! It is soft, comfortable, and true to size!


i love EVERYTHING about humanitee brand!!! the people, the brand, the products, the philosophy... so amazing!!! <3


OBSESSED with this Brand! I love the message and meaning behind the company. I have two shirts and they fit AUM-azing and they are super comfy. I can NOT wait until their new line is available!


Humanitee has a beautiful collection of soft tees with powerful messages (even the 'hippie dippie' tee, which I own, creates a laid back and easygoing vibe) - I always look forward to wearing it! 


Paula & Zoe are lights guiding the way in the new economy of love and light. Buy from this mother and daughter pair. I did and I luvvvvvv my shirt.


The fit,color and message on my first shirt make me feel special. I can't wait to buy more!


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